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2020 Lehman Avenue Sermons

The Seeds We Sow - Neal Pollard - Evening 10/18/20

Restoring Our Passion For The Lost - Neal Pollard - Morning 10/18/20

A Passage That Tells Us All About Ourselves - Neal Pollard - Evening 10/11/20

Restore My Desire For Fellowship - Neal Pollard - Morning 10/11/20

Heirs Together of the Grace of Life - Neal Pollard - Evening 10/4/20

The Responsibilites of Our Nation - Neal Pollard - Morning 10/4/20

Song Service with Devotional - Edwin Jones - Evening 9/27/20

The Ugliness of Pharisses - Edwin Jones - Morning 9/27/20

Living Opportunistically - Neal Pollard - Evening 9/20/20

Put Out Into Deep Water - Neal Pollard - Morning 9/20/20

Overcoming Differences - Neal Pollard - Evening 9/13/20

God's Blueprint For Resolving Our Problems With Eachother - Neal Pollard - Morning 9/13/20

How Does Providence Work? - Neal Pollard - Evening 9/6/20

Overcoming a Lack of Confidence - Neal Pollard - Morning 9/6/20

Youth Led Service - Evening 8/30/20

Generosity - Neal Pollard - Morning 8/30/20

Song Service - Evening 8/23/20

Traveling In God's Directions - Neal Pollard - Morning 8/23/20

Jesus Cleansing The Temple - Edwin Jones - Evening 8/16/20

And So, It Began - Edwin Jones - Morning 8/16/20

Intoxicated By Closeness - Neal Pollard - Evening 8/9/20

Piercing the Hearts of Hardened Cultures - Neal Pollard - Morning 8/9/20

The First Mission Report - Neal Pollard - Evening 8/2/20

A Legacy Worth Leaving - David Chang - Morning 8/2/20

Getting From The Birth To The Boom Part II - Neal Pollard - Evening 7/26/20

Getting From The Birth To The Boom - Neal Pollard - Morning 7/26/20

Liberated By Faithfulness - Neal Pollard - Evening 7/19/20

Straightening Our Priorities - Neal Pollard - Morning 7/19/20

What The Bible Says About Fellowship-Neal Pollard - Evening 7/12/20

How Deep The Fathers Love For Us - Neal Pollard - Morning 7/12/20

Pilates Powerful Questions Concerning Jesus - Neal Pollard -Evening 7/5/20

How Samuel's Decisions Determined His Destiny - Neal Pollard - Morning 7/5/20

Everything Under the Sun-David Chang - Evening 6/28/20

Solomon's I in Ecclesiastes - Edwin Jones - Morning 6/28/20

A Mission of Fulfillment-Neal Pollard- Evening 6/21/20

Why the Father-Child Relationship is so Important - Neal Pollard - Morning 6/17/20

Church Problems - Neal Pollard - Evening 6/14/20

Is Your Tounge Pierced? - Neal Pollard - Morning 6/14/20

What Do These Stones Mean? - Neal Pollard - Morning 6/7/20

Taking The Church Journey With Jesus - Neal Pollard - Morning 5/31/20

What To Do When There Are Two Plausible Sides - Neal Pollard - Morning 5/24/20

I Am The Lord Your God - Neal Pollard - Morning 5/17/20

We are Part of the Family - Neal Pollard - Morning 4/19/20

The Power of Self - Neal Pollard - Morning 4/12/20

The Christian Has an Eternal Perspective - Neal Pollard - Morning 4/12/20

The Kind Of Faith We Are Intended To Have - Neal Pollard - Morning 4/5/20

What Is In Your Hand - Neal Pollard - Morning 3/29/20

Mark Chapter 5 - Neal Pollard - Morning 3/22/20

The Old Life vs. The New Life - David Decker - Evening 3/15/20

The Deadly Pandemic the Bible Warns Us About - Neal Pollard - Morning 3/15/20

What Does Galatians Look Like - Edwin Jones - Evening 3/8/20

Who Rules Your Life - Neal Pollard - Morning 3/8/20

Hands Which Build - Neal Pollard - Evening 3/1/20

Take Time To Be Holy - Neal Pollard - Morning 3/1/20

Bringing Out Our Inner John the Baptist - Neal Pollard - Evening 2/23/20

Becoming Teachers - Neal Pollard - Morning 2/23/20

The Versus - Edwin Jones - Edwin Jones - Evening 2/16/20

The Way God Designed Marriage To Be - Neal Pollard - Morning 2/16/20

Getting Out of Spiritual Ruts - Neal Pollard - Evening 2/9/20

Christian Character - Guest Speaker: Bob Turner - Morning 2/9/20

Salvation - Neal Pollard - Evening 2/2/20

God's Desire For Your Sins - Neal Pollard - Morning 2/2/20

Here He Comes - Edwin Jones - Evening 1/26/20

Keep Your Eye On The Ball - Neal Pollard - Morning 1/26/20

We Are What We Eat - Edwin Jones - Evening 1/19/20 

Being Made Alive By The Word Of Truth - Neal Pollard - Morning 1/19/20

How To Be Complete In Christ - Neal Pollard - Evening 1/12/20

Rise Up & Build - Neal Pollard - Morning 1/12/20 

Hezekiah's Epitaph - Neal Pollard - Evening 1/5/20

Growing Together by Seeing One Another - Neal Pollard - Morning 1/5/20




2019 Lehman Avenue Sermons

A Fresh Look at a 2000 Year Old Building - Edwin Jones - Evening 12/29/19

The Provision of God - Neal Pollard - Morning 12/29/19

Decisions - Neal Pollard - Evening 12/22/19

If Jesus Had Never Been Born - Neal Pollard - Morning 12/22/19

The Christian Priesthood - Edwin Jones - Evening 12/15/19

Restoring Purtiy & Moral Excellence - Neal Pollard - Morning 12/15/19

Q&A - Baptism Essential to Salvation - Neal Pollard - Evening 12/8/19

What To Do When You're An Exile - Neal Pollard - Morning 12/8/19

A Jesus Shaped Church - Edwin Jones - Evening 12/1/19

When for Deeper Faith I Seek - Neal Pollard - Morning 12/1/19

It Is Great to be a Christian - Neal Pollard - Evening 11/24/19

What I Am Thankful For - Neal Pollard - Morning 11/24/19

Learning From Jesus How to Engage Sinners - Neal Pollard -Evening 11/17/19

Am I In the Right Church? - Neal Pollard - Morning 11/17/19

Radical Restoration - Edwin Jones - Evening 11/10/19

Victory in Jesus - Edwin Jones - Morning 11/10/19

What the World Should Expect from Us - Jerry Carmichael - Evening 11/3/19

Doing Life Together - Jerry Carmichael - Morning 11/3/19

Holy Place, Family Place - Edwin Jones - Evening 10/27/19

In His Shelter and Shadow - Neal Pollard - Morning 10/27/19

Guest Speaker - Gary Pollard - Evening 10/20/19

My Confidence in Christ - Neal Pollard - Morning  10/20/19

A Stone Rolled Away - Neal Pollard - Evening 10/13/19 

When You're Frustrated by Prayer - Neal Pollard - Morning 10/13/19

The Work of the Holy Spirit - Edwin Jones - Evening 10/6/19

The Plan - Edwin Jones - Morning 10/6/19

Young Men Lead Services - Evening 9/29/19

Giving our Children a Legacy of  Faith - Neal Pollard - Morning 9/29/19

Taking Cities for Christ  - Neal Pollard - Morning 8/11/19 

The Church is a Family - Neal Pollard - Evening 8/11/19

Sinners to Winners - David Decker Morning 02/17/19

The Things That Matter Evening 02/10/19

Lack-Truth Intolerance Morning 02/10/19

What Would Diligent Bible Study Look Like? Evening 02/03/19

A Look at Gender Roles Morning 02/03/19

Worthy of the Gospel Evening 01/27/19

Take the Call Morning 1/27/19

To Live as Christ Evening 1/20/19

There Was a Bush Morning 1/20/19

That's Not the Problem Morning 1/13/19

Shaping Our Hearts Evening 1/6/19

Communion Morning 1/6/19


2018 Lehman Avenue Sermons

New Beginnings Morning 12/30/18

Angels Evening 12/23/18

One Day At the Temple Morning 12/23/18

What the Bible Says About the Millenium Evening 12/16/18

Jesus the Warrior Morning 12/16/18

End of 20 Year Report : Dale Byrun - Evening 12/09/18 

Matthew, An Unlikely Disciple Morning 12/09/18

The Wineskins Burst Evening 12/02/18

Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Going On a Guilt Trip Morning 12/02/18

Psalm of Thanksgiving Evening 11/25/18

Christ and HIM Crucified Morning 11/25/18

Thanksgiving Service 11/21/18

Pure Religion vs. Worthless Religion Part 2 Evening 11/18/18

Pure Religion vs. Worthless Religion Part 1 Morning 11/18/18

He Arose! Evening 11/11/18

Quest for Wisdom Morning 11/11/18

Jesus the King Evening 11/04/18

Jesus the Friend Morning 11/04/18

Jesus the Savior Morning 11/04/18

Making Sense of the Trinity Evening 10/28/18

Forgiving Like Jesus Did Morning 10/28/18

Critical Reception Evening 10/21/18

Treasure In a Humble Package Morning 10/21/18

Who Will Follow Jesus? Evening 10/14/18

I Have Found A Friend In Jesus Morning 10/14/18

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name Evening 10/07/18

Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine Morning 10/07/18

Jesus Raises Lazarus Evening 9/30/18

Dinner and a Sermon Morning 9/30/18

Christian Servant Evening 9/16/18

Ways To Give Morning 9/16/18

Jesus, Nicodemus, and Messy Evangelism Evening 9/9/18

Jesus and His Messy Church Morning 9/9/18

Jesus and the Traditons of Elders Evening 9/2/18

Bringing Your Brother Morning 9/2/18

Guest Speaker - Phil Hartnady Evening 8/26/18

The Scheme of Redemption Morning 8/26/18

The Necessity of Judging Evening 8/19/18

It's Not About Me Morning 8/19/18

A Christian Response to Transgenderism Evening 8/12/18

What Denomination Should I Join? Morning 8/12/18

Jesus Sets the Record Straight Evening 8/5/18

The Orignial Restoration Plea Morning 8/5/18

How Deep the Fathers Love - Garvis Semore Evening 7/29/18

The Grand Finale - Garvis Semore Morning 7/29/18

Hope - Garvis Semore Morning 7/29/18

Young Men's Night Evening 7/22/18

The Spirit and the Flesh Evening 7/15/18

The Sermon on the Mount or You Call That a Sermon Morning 7/15/18

Things Hated by the God of Love Evening 7/8/18

Because I Know Morning 7/8/18

God's Sufficient Grace Evening 7/1/18

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Morning 7/1/18

Galatians Chapter 2 Evening 6/17/18

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Morning 6/17/18

Seeking Jesus Evening 6/10/18

The Authentic Gospel Morning 6/10/18

A Radical Restoration is Needed in the Church Evening 6/3/18

Wrapping Up the First Mission Morning 6/3/18

Most Holy Memorial Evening 5/27/18

The Audacedy of Jesus Morning 5/27/18

On The Brink of Greatness Morning 5/20/18

A Mother's Gift Morning 5/13/18

Things You'll See In Heaven Morning 5/6/18

Straight From the Heart Evening 4/15/18

Mission Accepted Morning 4/15/18

The Foundation of Samons Strength Evening 4/8/18

Jeremiah - Guest Speaker: John David Russell Morning 4/8/18

The Last Words of Jesus Evening 4/1/18

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Morning 4/1/18

An Overview of the Book of Joshua Evening 3/25/18

Jesus Called Disciples - Not Attenders Morning 3/25/18

Encouraging Others Evening 3/18/18

What Must I Do to Be Saved? Morning 3/18/18

Don't Just Sit There Evening 3/11/18

Not Just Another Church Morning 3/11/18

Clothed with the High Priest Evening 3/4/18

The Power of Prayer Morning 3/4/18

Two Sides to the Story Evening 2/25/18

Jesus Loves Me Morning 2/25/18

God's Reply To Us Suffering Evening 2/18/18

Seeing God, Seeing Ourselves Morning 2/18/18

Another Point of View On Problems Facing You Evening 2/11/18

From Jihad to Child of God Morning 2/11/18

You Want Me to Marry Who? Evening 2/4/18

The Big Questions Morning 2/4/18

How to Help A Friend Whose Troubles Have No End Evening 1/28/18

How Stephen Ran His Race Morning 1/28/18

Falling and Staying in Love Evening 1/21/18

God Will Crush Satan Beneath Our Feet Morning 1/21/18

I am Spartacus Evening 1/14/18

A Progressive Church Morning 1/14/18

What To Do When Tragedy Strikes Evening 1/7/18

More Precious Than Silver  Morning 1/7/18




2017 Lehman Avenue Sermons

The Big News  Morning 12/24/17

The Big News Evening 12/24/17

Unlocking the Kingdom Evening 12/17/17

An Eye to the Sky Morning 12/17/17

All the Unusual Suspects Evening 12/10/17

What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune? Morning 12/10/17

The Women of Jesus Evening 12/3/17

Grandma's Door Frame Morning 12/3/17

Failure as an Evangelist Evening 11/26/17

Restoring Our Tears Morning 11/26/17

What Do You Know? Morning 11/19/17

A Very Special Episode Evening 11/12/17

Hidden in Plain Sight Morning 11/12/17

I Can - Jerry Charmichael Evening 11/5/17

Our Heart's Desire - Jerry Charmichael Morning 11/5/17

Why People Backslide Morning 10/29/17

Kids that Wouldn't Dance Evening 10/22/17

Verbs of Faith Morning 10/22/17

What Does the Middle of the Road Look Like? Evening 10/15/17

Spritual Disciplines - Putting it in Words Morning 10/15/17

How to Make Moral Choices Evening 10/08/17

The Line of Sin Morning 10/08/17

A Man Had Two Sons Evening 10/01/17

Drinking, Dancing, and Swimming Oh My Morning 10/01/17

Those Cretans Evening 9/17/17

Bind Us Together Morning 9/17/17

Tending to the Fire Evening 9/10/17

Jesus' Plea for Unity  Morning 9/10/17

Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way? Evening 9/3/17

The Spiritual Disciplines-Silence and Solitude Morning 9/3/17

Who Sinned - a Look at Suffering in Our Lives Evening 8/27/17

Totality of Truth Morning 8/27/17

I Hear Jesus Built a Church Evening 8/20/17

Baptism for the Remission of Sins Morning 8/20/17

The Healing Habit of a Troubled Man Morning 8/13/17

Seeking the Light in the Night Evening 8/6/17

Fasting - for the Purpose of Godliness Morning 8/6/17

What Character am I? Morning 7/30/17

Revelation - A Clear Case of History Evening 7/23/17

The Book of Revelation Morning 7/23/17

The Spiritual Disciplines: Stewardship - the Purpose of Godliness Part 2 Evening 7/6/17

The Spritual Disciplines:Stewardship - the Purpose of Godliness Part 1 Morning 7/16/17

Who is Responsible? Evening 7/9/17

Jesus the Standard Morning 7/9/17

To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain Evening 7/2/17

The Spiritual Disciplines - Lord Make Me a Servant Morning 7/2/17

The Spritual Disciplines Morning 6/25/17

Bad Advice Evening 6/18/17

The Mickey Rooney Solution Morning 6/18/17

Sinners The God Who Loves Them Morning 6/11/17

Amazing Content of Psalm Evening 6/4/17

Context Evangelism Morning 6/4/17

So We Want to Restore the New Testament Church Do We? Evening 5/28/17

Servants & Deacons Morning 5/28/17

The Good Shepard Evening 5/21/17

Fine Work Morning 5/21/17

Seeking Stability Evening 5/14/17

Mary-Hearted Mother Morning 5/14/17

These are the Days of Zerubbabel Morning 4/30/17

We CAN Know part 2 Evening 4/23/17

We CAN Know Morning 4/23/17

A Cold Slap in the Face From Jesus Morning 4/16/17

Seeing the World Through Jesus Eyes Evening 4/9/17

Finding Jesus in Ruth Evening 4/2/17

Worship For the Purpose of Godlieness Morning 4/2/17

They Had Not Gained Any Insight Evening 3/26/17

Old Man and New Man Morning 3/26/17

What Would Christianity Look Like Evening 3/19/17

Paul's Approach to Social Change Morning  3/19/17

What Would Christianity Look Like If Evening 3/19/17

I Have Sinned, Again Morning 3/12/17

Culture Wars Evening 3/5/17

My Conversations with God Morning 3/5/17

G.E.D. Competency Evening 2/26/17

Disengaging / Engaging Morning 2/26/17

Digesting your Diet Evening 2/19/17

Getting a Proper Biblical Diet Morning 2/19/17

A Taxing Catch Evening 2/12/17

A Relationship Restored (Part 4) Morning 2/12/17

Of All Nations Evening 2/5/17

Freedom From Bondage Morning 2/5/17

Young Men's Night Evening 1/29/17

A Relationship Restored (Part 3) Morning 1/29/17

IM GOD Evening 1/22/17

A Relationship Restored (Part 2) Morning 1/22/17

Jesus' Most Famous Sermon Evening 1/15/17

The Whole Story of Evangelism Morning 1/15/17

Who Is This Man? Evening 1/8/17

A Relationship Restored (Part 1) Morning 1/8/17

Life Between Sundays  Evening 1/1/17

Intro to the Spiritual Disciplines  Morning 1/1/17


2016 Lehman Avenue Sermons

Finally My Brethren Evening 12/25/16

I Have Come Morning 12/25/16

Mary Did You Know?  Evening 12/18/16

The Birth of Jesus  Morning 12/18/16

Priceless Gifts That Don't Cost A Thing Evening 12/11/16

Here Are My Mother & Brothers  Morning 12/11/16

Cleaning Out Evening 12/4/16

The Living and Active Nature of God's Word  Morning 12/4/16

Giving Excuses to God Evening 11/27/16

God's Presence Morning 11/27/16

Is There an Elephant in the Room? Evening 11/20/16

The Accidental Evangelist Morning 11/20/16

In the World You Shall Have Tribulation Evening 11/13/16

I Nominate Jesus Morning 11/13/16

Some Things I am Especially Thankful For Evening 11/06/16

A Fresh Look at Carrying our Cross Morning 11/06/16

Could 10 Save the Country Morning 10/30/16

Are There Any Absolute Truths Evening 10/23/16

If I Be Lifted Up Morning 10/23/16

HBRCB, the Rest of the Story Evening 10/16/16

How to Get Rich Morning 10/16/16

David, Nathan, and Choices We Make Evening 10/9/16

What Should the Church Be in the 21st Century Morning 10/9/16

Tanzania Mission Report Evening 10/2/16

Abraham Morning 10/2/16

A Tree Planted by Rivers of Waters Morning 9/18/16

The Blood of the Covenant Morning 9/11/16

It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive Evening 9/11/16

A Strong Delusion Evening 9/4/16

The Plan of Ephesians Morning 9/4/16

The Full Assurance of Faith Evening 8/28/16

The Eyes of Jesus Morning 8/28/16

The Pattern of Faith & Practice Evening 8/21/16

Of Mustard Seeds & Faith Morning 8/21/16

I May be Preaching to the Choir Tonight but I Hope Not Evening 8/14/16

The Heart of Worship Morning 8/14/16

The Point of No Return Evening 8/7/16

The 50% Solution Morning 8/7/16

The Fruit of the Spirit Evening 7/31/16

The Faithful in Jesus Christ Morning 7/31/16 

The Spirit of God was Hovering Over the Face of the Waters Evening 7/24/16

A Beautiful Place Called Heaven Morning 7/24/16

Standing Out in a Shattered World Morning 7/10/16

The Original David & Goliath Story Evening 7/3/16

For God & Country Morning 7/3/16

It's Not a Competition - Summer Intern Michael Shifflet -Evening 6/26/16

Hold On to Your Dreams Morning 6/26/16

Do All to the Glory of God Evening 6/19/16

I Will Go To My Father Morning 6/19/16

In God's Timing Evening 6/12/16

Pressing On Morning 6/12/16

Is That A Contradicition? Evening 6/05/16

A Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah Morning 6/05/16

No Need To Worry Evening 5/29/16

Bring the Cloak, the Books and the Parchments Morning 5/29/16

High Class Problem Morning 5/15/16

Make Us A King Evening 5/8/16

The Mother of Zebedees Son Morning 5/8/16

What Happens When You Die Evening 5/1/16

Paul's Glory in the Cross Morning 5/1/16

A Place of Safety Evening 4/24/16

The Compassion of Christ Morning 4/24/16

Children are a Gift From the Lord Evening 4/17/16

I Want to Feel Closer to God Morning 4/17/16

I am Overwhelmed Morning 4/10/16

The Restoration - Guest Speaker Edwin Jones - Morning 4/3/16

The Oracles of God Evening 3/27/16

Lazarus Come Forth  Morning 3/27/16

That Time Jesus Avoided Becoming King Evening 3/20/16

Now Abides Faith, Hope, and Love Morning 3/20/16

From the Beginning It Has Not Been So Evening 3/13/16

The Harvest is Plentiful Morning 3/13/16

The Treasures of Wickedness Profit Nothing Evening 3/06/16

If I Be Lifted Up  Morning 3/06/16

We Are Doing a Great Evil Against Ourselves Evening 2/28/16

Stir Up the Gift of God Morning 2/28/16

How to be a Friend Evening 2/21/16

Christianity Is Morning 2/21/16

Have Faith In God Morning 2/14/16

Six Greatest Truths of the Modern Age Morning 2/7/16

Where Do We Stand With God? - Guest Speaker - John Ross Gott- Evening 2/7/16

Six Greatest Lies of the Modern Age Morning 1/31/16

Young Men's Night - Guest Speaker Andrew Gott -Evening 1/31/16

Launch Out Into The Deep Morning 1/24/16

The Lord is My Shepard Evening 1/24/16

The New Birth Morning 1/17/16

When God Says No Evening 1/17/16

Some Pitfalls in Marriage & How to Avoid Them Evening 1/10/16

Some Thoughts About the Family Morning 1/10/16

Rejoice With Those That Rejoice Morning 1/03/16

The Lord Stood With Me Evening 1/03/16


2015 Lehman Avenue Sermons

Not Knowing Where He Was Going  Morning 12/27/15

Things That Really Matter  Evening 12/27/15

This Purpose I Have Come Morning 12/20/15

I Came to Fulfill the Law Evening 12/20/15

Weep with Those That Weep Morning 12/13/15

Lessons From Some Wise Men Evening 12/13/15

What Does a Healthy Church Look Like? Morning 12/06/15

Is Your God Too Small? Evening 12/06/15

Becoming a Healthy Church Morning 11/29/15

L.E.A.D Morning 11/22/15

Good & Evil  Evening 11/22/15

The Church Past, Present, and Future Morning 11/15/15

The God Who Hates Leftovers Evening 11/15/15

The Church as a Family Morning 11/08/15

Don't Turn From the Right or Left Evening 11/08/15

Coming Home  Morning 11/01/15

Missonary Report - Auguilla Evening 11/01/15

He Built His House On the Rock Morning 10/25/15

Why We Do the Things We Do Evening 10/25/15

Life at the Crossroads Morning 10/18/15

Something Jesus Never Was  Evening 10/18/15

Judge Not That You Be Not Judged  Morning 10/11/15

Ask, Seek and Knock  Evenging 10/11/15

Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God Morning 10/4/15

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow Evening 10/4/15

Heavenly Treasures Morning 9/27/15

Josiah Encourages the Priests Evening 9/27/15

To Be Seen of Men Morning 9/13/15

The Thief On the Cross Evening 9/13/15

Love Your Enemies  Morning 9/6/15

Restoration Plea  Evening 9/6/15

Righteousness That Exceeds Morning 8/30/15

You Are the Salt of the Earth Morning 8/26/15

Hispanic Ministry Update  Evening 8/26/15

The Beatitudes  Morning 8/16/15

Is the Silence of the Scriptures Permissive or Prohibitive  Evening 8/16/15

Anchor Points in a Contstantly Changing World Morning 8/9/15

Life a Gift From God Evening 8/9/15

Have a Good Day Morning 8/2/15

What Do You Wish To Change? Evening 8/2/15

Families in Crisis Morning 7/26/15

Give Us a King Evening 7/26/15

Seeing People as Souls Rather Than Sins Morning 7/19/15

Living a Life of Gratitude Evening 7/19/15

The Glory of the Cross Morning 7/12/15

At the Beginning He Made Them Male & Female Morning 7/5/15

A Powerful Religion Evening 7/5/15

The Slaughter of the Innocents Morning 6/28/15

Progress report on Big Reedy (No audio) Evening 6/28/15

A Checklist For Fathers Morning 6/21/15

Longing For the Good Ole Days Evening 6/21/15

The Lord God Almighty Morning 6/14/15

Signs of His Coming Evening 6/14/15

I Will Come Again Morning 6/7/15

Oh What a Weariness Evening 6/7/15

Go Make Disciples Morning 5/31/15

Fifth Sunday, youth led services Evening 5/31/15

He Is Not Here For He Has Risen Morning 5/24/15

A Seven Mile Walk Evening Evening 5/24/15

There They Crucified Him Morning 5/17/15

When I Am Unfaithful Evening 5/17/15

Honoring Mothers Morning 5/10/15

Let All the People Say Amen Evening 5/10/15

Jesus Came to a Place Called Gethsemane Morning 5/3/15

He Has Shown You What the Lord Requires of You Evening 5/3/15

Our Spiritual Being Morning 4/26/15

Our Physical Being Evening 4/26/15

Inappropriate Guilt Morning 4/19/15

Observing a Rule of Sabbath Evening 4/19/15

On the Same Night In Which He Was Betrayed Morning 4/12/15

Confidence In the Faith Evening 4/12/15

Resurrection Hope Morning 4/5/15

A World Without Jesus Evening Evening 4/5/15

A Common Yet Extraordinary Man Morning 3/29/15

Fifth Sunday, youth led services Evening 3/29/15

The Triumphal Entry Morning 3/22/15

Can the Gospel Compete? Evening 3/22/15

The Parable of the Workers In the Vineyard Morning 3/15/15

What Is Repentance? Evening 3/15/15

The Parable of the Merciful Servant Morning 3/8/15

Being a Victorious Christian Evening 3/8/15

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like Morning 3/1/15

Some Personal Remembrances of Paul Evening 3/1/15

A Sower Went Out To Sow Morning 2/22/15

Are You Weary From Your Journey? Evening 2/22/15

The Just Shall Live By Faith Morning 2/15/15

The Joys Of Christian Living Evening 2/15/15

Knowing Your Babylon Morning 2/8/15

Surviving Babylon Evening 2/8/15

And Some Were Persuaded Morning 2/1/15

Conflict In The Family Evening 2/1/15

What Were You Created To Do? Morning 1/25/15

The God We Worship Evening 1/25/15

Faith Morning 1/18/15

How may we stir one another? Evening 1/18/15

Marriage is honorable among all Morning 1/11/15

What makes a great church Pt 2 Evening 1/11/15

Tell me the story of Jesus Morning 1/4/15

What makes a great church? Evening 1/4/15