Lehman Expansion

Lehman Expansion

Lehman Expansion Information

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Our Vision

Staying Together means that we are moving together.  It is no longer acceptable for our growth to be restricted by a building.  Certainly, no one should be so wedded to a building that they would rather stay here and slow the growth of Christ’s Church.  Yes, there are memories here.  Weddings, baptisms, gospel meetings, and fellowship.  Yet, it is better to have a facility that promotes a growing church. Staying Together means we leave the “glass ceiling” of 340 members behind.
We have purchased a 22-acre tract one mile south of Exit 26.  The property also has roughly 1,100 feet of frontage with Cumberland Trace Rd.  Concerning visibility, a future facility would have at least ½ mile of visibility from I-65.

With this tract of land, our congregation can have a new home with the seating and parking area we need to grow.  In the future, we are also planning a small community of bungalowstyle homes for our older members and widows, should it benefit them to utilize such an option.  We envision an area for our congregation’s children to play outside – which we cannot do in our current location.  We also like this location because it generally maintains the same convenience of our current location for most of our members.
What does future development in the area look like?  Currently the 256 acres that almost surround the property are planned for 330 single-family homes, 120 multi-family units, and an additional 20-acre campus for the new (relocated) Cumberland Trace Elementary School.


The project must be the Lord’s in every way.  

It will require:

• ·Our time and our money • ·Commitment to bring aid to the lost • Open discussion, cooperation, the courage to set some deadlines • ·Accessing the wisdom and skill of others beyond ourselves • ·Great vision, much prayer, the involvement of the whole congregation • ·Some changes to our existing culture, and consistently excellent communication.


Staying Together is the path we are choosing.  We have exceptional unity and kindness within this congregation.  We have a wonderful balance of age and youth that other congregations would envy.  We have many talents untapped.  We have the desire to grow, seeking and saving the lost of this community.  We believe that, for all Lehman has done in the past, Lehman can realize its greatest potential for the Lord here, in Bowling Green, where the fields are most ripe for the harvest – perhaps more than any other location in Kentucky.


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