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Drive in Service Information

The elders are very happy to be able to offer “drive-in” services on Sunday mornings for our congregation! It will be so good to see everyone and to worship God together on the new church property at Cumberland Trace Road (CTR)! As Bobby Gilbert said this morning, “We’re making history!”

Please know that there are several folks helping with the logistics of this effort and the elders wish to thank them for their service. Please pray for their efforts and thank them as well.

Ok. Here are some important (but simple) points to remember about next Sunday’s (and future) “drive-in” worship services starting on May 3, 2020. Please read this carefully:

1. We will be holding these “drive-in” worship services from May 3, 2020 until the virus restrictions are lifted - when we can resume meeting at the building.

2. Services will continue to be video-recorded for those who cannot attend at CTR and need to worship virtually.

3. If rain events create muddy conditions at the CTR property on any weekend, we will not hold services at CTR, but will have virtual services from the building (as before). In this case, members will stay home. The elders will notify members of any cancellation on Saturdays, if needed.

4. The CTR service will begin at 9:30 AM. Men will be directing traffic and parking. Due to the extra time that it takes to park, please arrive early.

5. There won’t be a Bible study following the service. There won’t be an evening service, either. Wednesday evening services will still be held virtually.

6. At the conclusion of the CTR service, we ask that everyone leave promptly (and not linger to visit) so as to keep everyone safe and healthy.

7. Everyone will remain in their cars during the entire service, for social-distancing purposes.

8. Please remember to bring your communion supplies with you, if you have some at home. If you need any, they are available at the Lehman church building.

9. Contribution will be collected at CTR services.

10. At CTR, the audio portion of our service will be broadcast so that you will be able to hear it over your car radio while you watch from your car. You will be given the radio frequency before the start of the service.

11. A portable, outdoor restroom will be available, if needed.

Hopefully, this is most of the information you need for attending next Sunday. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call any of the elders or preachers! This information will also be sent out by letter via USPS to ALL members to make sure that everyone is aware of the new CTR worship service format.

God bless you all,

Darrell, Bobby, Kevin, Russell, Riley, and John



If you are elderly or especially susceptible to the coronavirus, and need assistance with grocery shopping or prescription pick up, please contact the building. There are many volunteers ready and willing to help!


 Please remember our sick, bereaved, shut-ins, missionaries, and our expansion/relocation in your daily prayers.