Message From Ministers

Message From Ministers

A Message from Our Ministers 

A college broadcaster asked about why he thought Clemson had built such a strong football program in the last few years. His quick response was, “They have built a strong sense of family.” He talked about how Head Coach Dabo Sweeney and his staff wanted players to see their coaches not just as coaches but also as husbands and fathers. Consequently, the coaches’ families spend a lot of time around the athletic facilities or hanging out with the players. They have intentionally built a strong family environment that makes them closer. Recruits talk about sensing it when they make a visit, but, more importantly, players on the roster speak just as strongly about it. 

How many teams make such an emphasis isn’t clear, but you don’t seem to hear that said often enough. While I find such human interest stories heartwarming, it makes us determined to have those who visit our congregation to feel the same way.  We are continually trying to  create, develop, and nurture a strong sense of family at the Lehman Avenue church of Christ.

The early church definitely majored in that priority. From the time the first church of our Savior was established, we find this emphasis (Acts 2:42-47). Often, New Testament writers spoke of the church with family terminology (Eph. 2:19; 3:15; 1 Tim. 3:15; 5:1-2; 2 Tim. 2:1-8; etc.). We exist as a sub-community within the greater Warren County community. So many of you are looking for greater intimacy and meaningful relationships. One place you often turn is to various churches. We know we have an opportunity to expose you to a “strong sense of family.”  That is our sincere goal.

But, by being faithful to New Testament teaching, we seek to offer this in the context of truth rather than error. We cannot settle for simply offering truth, as eternally vital as that is. Along with it, we must love, embrace, and work to incorporate as many as possible into our family. God has His church designed to follow His written will in the context of a tight-knit, spiritual family. A true sense of family will draw those who are willing into a relationship with us. It will also better open hearts and minds to being drawn into a relationship with Christ. The net effect will be greater than a national championship. It will be many, many souls won to eternal life. We invite you to become part of our spiritual family at Lehman Avenue. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore our web page. Please contact us via email or phone for more information. Or, better yet, come and visit us soon!